Pastoral Ministry (PM)

PM 4200 Pastoral Ministry (3 credit hours)

A practical course to help the student prepare for ministry in the church. It deals with the administration of the ordinances, conducting marriages and funerals, leading the church through committees and business, and other related matters.

PM 4270 Leadership Development (3 credit hours)

A study of leadership development. Emphasis is given to leadership theory, theorists, and the practice of leadership development.

PM 4300 Spiritual Formation (3 credit hours)

A theological and practical course designed to aid the student to understand the spiritual character development required for effective spiritual ministry. The course emphasizes the development of spiritual vitality through Bible study, prayer, and devotional reading.

PM 4301 Christian Discipleship (3 credit hours)

This course is designed to develop discipleship and mentoring skills for implementation in ministry settings. Using biblical and theological principles, students will examine Christian discipleship issues, methods, and practices as a necessary function of the Christian life. An emphasis will be placed on personal spiritual growth through discipleship.

PM 4302 Contemporary Worldview (3 credit hours)

An introduction to major worldview types, including a study of the elements and formation processes involved in worldviews.

PM 4304 Religion in the Public Square (3 credit hours)

An introduction to key issues connecting religion and political thought, such as the nature of government, the historic role of politics, and the relationship between religion and political issues. Special consideration is given to the relationship between church and state and the crisis of moral authority in American society.

PM 4306 Contemporary Issues in the Church (3 credit hours)

An introduction to recent theological and ministry trends within the local church. The course will focus upon new theological issues as well as the interaction between theology and culture. Special emphasis will be given to the relationship of theology to popular culture within the context of a local church.

Graduate level Course Descriptions