Communication (CO)

CO 4780 Introduction to Communication (3 credit hours)

Focuses on basic communication theory and history, specifically on the relevance of communication study today and how different situations and technologies demand the evaluation and application of appropriate communication techniques. Students in the course will apply communication studies to developing applications of communication, including business presentations, public speaking, organizational communication, and small group communication.

CO 4781 Critical Thinking and Communication (3 credit hours)

Focuses on argumentation as the study of analysis, evidence, reasoning, refutation, and rebuttal in oral and written communication. A significant component involves written argumentation with special attention to the essay form.

CO 4782 Writing for Public Relations (3 credit hours)

Focuses on the fundamentals of strategic writing communications, including measurable objectives, storytelling, and audience/channel analysis, to design a comprehensive communication plan to achieve internal and external organizational goals. The students will be able to analyze and evaluate new information that may impact a communication plan.

CO 4783 Event Planning and Donor Relations (3 credit hours)

Focuses on designing theoretical communicative approaches in specific contexts such as conferences, professional meetings, celebratory events, and programs for community outreach. Working from a praxis approach, students engage in the development marketplace through professional, interpersonal, and organizational coordination of information and people.

CO 4784 Organizational Communication (3 credit hours)

This course explores communication principles for leaders in churches and Christian organizations. Personal communication skills are addressed for students to communicate better within diverse organizational contexts. ÊAn effective, professional process of systematic communication will be emphasized.

CO 4785 Interpersonal Communication (3 credit hours)

Focuses on the study of theories and practice in verbal and nonverbal communication with a focus on interpersonal relationships. Emphasis is on improving interpersonal skills and Media in Society

CO 4786 Media in Society (3 credit hours)

Focuses on the historical, economic, and cultural development of the mass media in America. Introduces the theoretical approaches utilized to understand the media's role in society.

CO 4787 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (3 credit hours)

Focuses on helping the student to present themselves and material clearly, confidently, and persuasively, using oral communication. They will learn techniques for developing clear enunciation, finding and using their natural, unaffected vocal register, varying tone, and intonation to hold audience interest, controlling pacing, moving with assurance and purpose, using appropriate gestures and eye contact as well as exploring methods to change behaviors that bar effective communication and structure speeches to maximize persuasiveness.

CO 4788 Advanced Speaking and Presentation Skills (3 credit hours)

A continuation of the concepts and techniques learned in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

Prerequisite(s): CO 4787
CO 4789 Communication Ethics (3 credit hours)

Focuses on the theoretical and practical issues in the explanations of ethical options and decisions in interpersonal, organizational, intercultural, and mass communication contexts. Case studies, practical analysis, and current ethical dilemmas in communication are investigated from multiple theoretical perspectives.

CO 4790 Rhetoric and Argumentation (3 credit hours)

Focuses on academic reading and writing skills that are central to academic literacy, critical thinking, professional communication, and civic life. This course includes a collaborative experience as various rhetorical effects and strategies are examined, and it specifically focuses on interpreting, analyzing, evaluating, and producing a written argument and effective methods of argumentation and key rhetorical concepts.

CO 4791 Conflict Analysis and Resolution (3 credit hours)

Focuses on the incorporation of theory, research, and practice as a set of multidimensional tools to help understand, transform, and resolve conflicts at every level of society. This task is inherently complex, dynamic, and interdisciplinary. This course explores a variety of theories used to help analyze, understand, and resolve various conflicts and social issues at all levels of society. increasing communication competence in everyday social exchanges.