Organizational Leadership (OL)

OL 4806 Change, Power, and Conflict (3 credit hours)

This course analyzes the processes of change, power, and conflict in Organizational Leadership. Contemporary theories and models are examined, and simulations and case studies are presented to students.

OL 4809 Program Development (3 credit hours)

In this course, emphasis is placed on developing the knowledge, skills, and values needed to achieve greater capacity for effective program development. Students will learn how to develop programs that are dynamic, collaborative, and innovative in nature.

OL 4815 Technology and Organizations (3 credit hours)

This course is designed to help students understand issues involved in developing organizational learning programs using technology. The course focuses on research case studies and existing theories on organizational learning in the workplace. The course emphasizes the complexity of various dilemmas in human resource management and corporate leadership, as it relates to the impact of technology on employee learning and management.

OL 4818 Leadership/Management Theory (3 credit hours)

This course helps students to critically examine secular contemporary leadership principles and practices in the light of biblically based models. The criteria for leadership and administration will be considered.

OL 4821 Personality and Developmental Theory (3 credit hours)

This course evaluates personality theories, educational psychology, and developmental psychology in the context of organizational leadership. Students will analyze their contributions to the practice of leadership.

OL 4824 Theology and Leadership (3 credit hours)

In this course, students will examine leadership theory from a biblical worldview perspective by critically examining theological assumptions that inform various models of leadership. Students will examine theological themes that directly impact leadership practice.

OL 4827 Critical Thinking in Organizations (3 credit hours)

In this course, students are introduced to the use of critical thinking and cycles of reflection and practice within Organizational Leadership. Students will develop the knowledge, skills and disposition for critical inquiry and reflective practice.

OL 4830 Learning Communities (3 credit hours)

This course introduces students with the central challenges of establishing learning communities as method of organizational practice. Special attention is given to the use of the Internet as a way of establishing virtual communities. Students will learn the importance of developing reflective practice in such communities.

OL 4833 Organizational Theory and Development (3 credit hours)

This course explores psychological and developmental foundations of organizations. Students are exposed to classical and contemporary theories and principles of organizational development and will gain skills in the analysis of organizational culture, communication processes, and staff training.