Homiletics (HM)

HM 4001 Biblical Preaching 1 (3 credit hours)

Biblical Preaching 1 provides an emphasis on expository sermon development from the Word of God. In addition, the course applies the principles for the expository method of biblical preaching in the development of a dynamic series of messages from the Epistle of Philippians.

HM 4005 Biblical Preaching 2 (3 credit hours)

This course combines elements of Biblical Preaching 1 with principles of sermon delivery. Each student delivers expository sermons before the professor and class members. The student who successfully completes this course will be able to: (a) deliver an effective expository sermon to a typical congregation, (b) critique a sermon in a manner that improves his own preaching, and (c) evaluate his readiness and willingness to accept the responsibility of a regular preaching ministry.

Prerequisite(s): HM 4001
HM 4012 Advanced Expository Preaching (3 credit hours)

The course focuses on principles for persuasive biblical preaching, with an emphasis on expository sermon development through practical examples from the Word of God. HM 4012 includes an advanced study of preaching through a Bible book and specialized forms of expository preaching through the book or letter.

HM 4024 The Theology of Preaching (3 credit hours)

The course involves a study of the preaching task in the context of its theological foundations. Included in the course is a survey of the contributions that major theologians made to preaching. A key emphasis of the course is upon how various theologies affect preaching regarding hermeneutics, exegesis, content, structure and delivery.

HM 4025 Evangelistic Preaching (3 credit hours)

The universal principles of expository preaching are used to develop expository evangelistic sermons. Emphasis is given to the clear proclamation of the Gospel and to the extending of the Gospel invitation.

HM 4026 Contemporary Preaching (3 credit hours)

A study of various contemporary preaching styles and philosophies. This course helps the student of biblical preaching to consider the practices of different types of sermons in light of the standards of expository biblical preaching. Studies include preaching in the emerging churches, seeker sensitive churches, new church starts and traditional sermons with contemporary applications.