Management (MG)

MG 4800 Managing Innovation/Change in Organizations (3 credit hours)

This course considers the relationship between organizational economics, organizational theory, and various strategy perspectives. Students will demonstrate proficiency for identifying the source of innovation, delineate how it is related to organizational success and failure, and identify how an organization can sustain the ability to innovate.

MG 4803 Individual/Group Behavior in Organizations (3 credit hours)

This course helps students to analyze the impact of individual and small group behavior on the organizational setting. Students will consider central topic areas such as social influence, group composition, social chemistry, teamwork, power, and leadership.

MG 4812 Human Capital Management (3 credit hours)

In this course, students will demonstrate and apply the theoretical concepts pertaining to the strategic use of human capital theory and principles. Major areas examined include workplace planning and employment, employee development and retention, labor relations, risk management, and the use of human resource metrics.