Church History (CH)

CH 3001 The History of Christianity (3 credit hours)

A concise survey of the history of Christianity from the first century to the present, focusing on the development of pivotal doctrines and ecclesiastical institutions in the Patristic, Medieval, Reformation, and Modern periods.

CH 3150 The History of the Baptists (3 credit hours)

An interpretive survey of the history of Baptists from the 17th century to the present. Three specific divisions include: the rise and development of English Baptists, Baptist beginnings in the United States to the formation of the Southern Baptist Convention, and the history of the Southern Baptist Convention to the present.

CH 3160 Baptist Confessions (3 credit hours)

A systematic study of the confessional record left by Anabaptists and Baptists since the 16thÊcentury.

Graduate level Course Descriptions