Student Religious Emphases

Founders’ Days

Mid-America starts each school year with Founders’ Days. At the beginning of the fall semester, family and friends gather for fellowship, worship, and Bible preaching. These services of inspiration and challenge are an essential part of the educational experience of Mid-America.

Chapel Services

Chapel services are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Chapel is devoted to personal witnessing testimonies by faculty and students, and include preaching by faculty, pastors, Christian theologians, and biblical scholars. Such worship, inspiration, and Bible preaching make a lasting contribution to the spiritual development of students and are an integral part of the total training program.

Missionary Days

Missionary Days are designed to promote an understanding of and commitment to Southern Baptist mission work. Outstanding field missionaries and missions leaders present the challenges and opportunities of both international and home mission fields. During these services, students are invited to make commitments to serve as missionaries.