Withdrawal from the Seminary

Withdrawal Procedure

A student withdrawing from the Seminary must complete the withdrawal form, which may be obtained from the registrar’s office, and have it approved by the Student Life, the Witness One:Seven office, the library, the academic vice president, and the vice president for finance and operations. The form is returned to the registrar’s office for final processing. This procedure enables the student to satisfy responsibilities to the Seminary and thus permits re-enrollment eligibility for readmission at a later date.

Withdrawal During an Academic Term

A student can withdraw from the Seminary without academic penalty by completing the withdrawal process within the first twelve class sessions of the semester. Withdrawal after 12 class hours results in an automatic grade of WF in all classes unless an exception is granted by faculty action in the case of a severe emergency. See the drop/add procedures listed in the Registration Requirements and Procedures section of this catalog for further information.

Withdrawal by Default

A student failing to register for courses for two consecutive semesters (excluding summer or special terms) is considered to have withdrawn. The student is responsible for completion of the withdrawal procedure.

Readmission after Withdrawal

A student who withdraws (whether by direct action or by default in enrollment) must apply for readmission under the current catalog.