Student Advising and Student Counseling

Student Advising

Academic Advising

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary provides academic advising to all students to assist them in scheduling classes, to aid in selecting courses for effective training, and to help ensure timely completion of their course of study. Graduate students are responsible for initiating contact with their assigned academic advisor. Academic advisors are available to meet with assigned students via email, video chat, or in person by appointment.

Doctoral Students

The associate dean of the seminary is responsible for the academic advising of all PhD and DMin students. He assigns faculty members to assist as needed.

Student Counseling

Counseling is provided through several avenues. Students may make inquiry regarding any specific question or need at the appropriate administrative, academic, or faculty office(s). Mid-America has an “open-door” policy in which faculty and administrative staff are available to provide personal counseling, advisement, prayer, and encouragement for students. As a courtesy, however, students should schedule appointment times with the faculty member ahead of time.