Advanced Standing

Advanced standing refers to departmental authorization to substitute advanced courses in the place of certain survey courses normally required in an academic program. Applications for advanced standing based on previous academic training are approved through the departmental chairman. If advanced standing is approved, the student does not receive academic credit for the basic course from which he or she is exempted; however, the student does receive authorization to substitute for credit other advanced courses in the department. Contact the registrar’s office for form.

Requirements for Advanced Standing

Students who have completed a parallel college course with a grade of B or better may apply for advanced standing on the basis of their college record. A proficiency examination may be required to demonstrate competency if deemed necessary by the chairman of the department. Students who have not completed a parallel academic course in college may nevertheless apply for advanced standing on the basis of equivalent personal study, but they must demonstrate competency by a proficiency examination.

Application Procedure for Advanced Standing

Students who seek advanced standing must make timely application in advance to allow for processing and approval by the department chairman. Application forms for advanced standing are obtained from the registrar’s office. The application is submitted to the registrar’s office who will seek the department chairman’s evaluation and determination of conditions under which advanced standing may be granted (on the basis of previous academic record and/or proficiency examination). If advanced standing is granted, the department chairman will prescribe the courses which may be substituted in each individual circumstance.

Proficiency Examinations for Advanced Standing

The following proficiency examinations are offered by appointment on the Monday before the first day of registration for each semester:

Proficiency Exam Code
Elementary Hebrew HB 5401-HB 5402
Elementary Greek GR 5801-GR 5802
Old Testament Survey OT 5101-OT 5102
New Testament Survey NT 5601-NT 5602

In addition to the regularly scheduled proficiency examinations, individual proficiency examinations may be scheduled during the year by appointment with the department chairman. Students who qualify on these examinations must substitute for credit the advanced courses deemed appropriate by the department chairman.