Student Assistance Services

Student Life

Student Life assists students by providing information on available housing, employment, and health services, as well as other general information. Student Life provides assistance for students who have personal and/or emergency financial needs. All information is held in confidence.

Mid-America Student Housing (MASH)

Mid-America Student Housing is located at 1975 E. Beaman Circle, which is part of the main campus. The community building plus 144 apartments, one playground, and a multi-purpose recreational field make up MASH. Arrangements for housing are made through Student Life. Rent for unfurnished apartments ranges from $612.00 to $800.00 monthly. Student Life can assist students in locating other housing.

MASH Commuter Apartments

MASH maintains two commuter apartments at the housing complex, which is useful for non-resident students and others who have need of short-term housing in a furnished setting. Enrolled students who plan to spend two to three nights a week on campus to complete coursework, as well as doctoral students attending seminars, may find it helpful to rent a room or portion of a room in the commuter unit.

The three-bedroom apartments are available on a first come, first served basis. Once the space is occupied, others requesting the unit must make other arrangements. Each commuter apartment can accommodate a maximum of six occupants; each bedroom has a max occupancy of two. To fill out the current application for renting the commuter apartment and to see current rental rates, go to, or call Student Life at 901-751-3079 for more information.

Church Relations

Church Relations serves as a liaison between churches and students. The office of the vice president and dean of the Seminary maintains contact with local churches, and search committees representing churches are allowed to post ministerial staff opportunities on the Seminary website and in the weekly electronic student newsletter. Special attention is given to help graduating students find church-related vocational service. Students are encouraged to seek counsel with the director of Church Relations and to maintain a current resume for referral, while also watching current postings on the Seminary website at

Career Counseling and Planning

The dean of the Seminary counsels students regarding career planning. Within the context of God’s calling, students receive counsel concerning ministry opportunities as pastors, associate pastors, education ministers, ministers to children, youth ministers, church planting, and missionary work. Before graduating, each student is encouraged to schedule a personal interview for assistance.

Student Assistance

Off-Campus Employment

Mid-America is happy to assist students and their spouses seeking information or making application for off-campus employment. Cordova, Memphis, and the surrounding areas offer work opportunities in various fields, and off-campus employment is generally available for all who desire work. Student Life maintains a current job opportunity listing, posted online at

On-Campus Employment

On-campus employment is available for a limited number of students and spouses from time to time, including work in administrative offices, campus maintenance, and the library. Requests for information and applications for on-campus employment are made through the office of Human Resources.

Health Needs

A list of family physicians and dentists is available to students seeking medical services. Information may be secured from Student Life.

Household Goods and Clothes Closet

From time to time, appliances and furniture are made available to Mid-America students at no cost. A clothes closet is maintained in the community building at MASH for the convenience of Mid-America families. Information may be secured from Student Life.