Student Absences

Student Attendance Expected

Students are expected to attend all scheduled class sessions. However, it is recognized that an occasional emergency may interrupt normal class attendance.

Maximum Number of Absences

To receive academic credit in a course during a regular semester, a student cannot miss more than nine class hours. A Monday night class equals three class hours. While recognizing that various occasions call for a student to leave class early, a student must be in class for at least half of the class time to be counted present; otherwise, an absence will be recorded. If a student is late to class three times it will count as an absence.

Petition for Faculty Consideration of Excessive Absences

If a student exceeds the maximum number of absences because of prolonged illness or extreme emergency, the student may submit a petition to the dean requesting the faculty to grant credit for a course. In such circumstances, credit may be granted for a course in which there are no more than 12 class hour absences. In no case is credit given for any course in which there are more than 12 class hour absences. A class hour is 50 minutes long.

Founders’ Days Attendance

Attendance at Founders’ Days services is required for each student. All missed sessions of Founders’ Days are counted as absences in each class for the fall semester.

Student Responsibility for Official Announcements

Unless excused by action of the appropriate academic committee, each student is required to attend chapel each Tuesday and Thursday. In addition to GO! Program reports, important announcements are made about academic affairs and other significant matters. Official announcements are also posted in The Advisor, which is emailed to each student at their Mid-America address. Each student is responsible for awareness of such official announcements.

Attendance and Inclement Weather

Change in schedule or cancellation of classes because of inclement weather or natural disaster is announced daily on local radio and television. Cancellation of classes due to weather or natural disaster generally coincides with the closing of the Shelby County Schools; however, special provisions may be announced. If classes are canceled due to inclement weather or natural disaster on a day of final exams, exams for the missed day will be taken on the day the campus reopens.