General Requirements for Graduation

To qualify for graduation from the College, students must fulfill the specific program requirements stipulated in this catalog regarding their degree. In addition, each student must satisfy the following general requirements for graduation:

Academic Credit Requirements

Of the total number of credit hours required for graduation in the student’s degree program, he or she must complete 30 semester hours at Mid-America. Each student’s cumulative grade point average must be a minimum of 2.0 on a scale of 4.0 to be eligible for graduation.

Financial Requirements

Before graduation, each student must settle all financial obligations to the College, including all payments for tuition, fees, bookstore accounts, library accounts, as well as any outstanding balances to Mid-America Student Housing for rent, late fees, etc.

Personal Behavior Requirements

As a prerequisite for graduation, each student must, in the opinion of the faculty, display consistent Christian conduct and attitude and must demonstrate reasonable suitability for graduation.

Graduation Ceremony Requirements

To be awarded his or her degree, each student must participate in a formal graduation ceremony held by the College. Any request to graduate in absentia must be made for a valid reason beyond the student’s control and must be approved in advance by the faculty. Forms for this petition are obtained through the Student Life office.