Maintenance of Academic Records

Current Student Admission and Academic Records

Prospective student admission files are maintained in the admissions office and are available to the Admissions Committee and to the faculty. All other academic records are maintained in the registrar’s office and are available to the faculty when offering counseling to a current student. Mid-America practices the highest confidentiality standards and fully cooperates with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Continued Maintenance of Student Admission Records

Pertinent data for each student is stored along with his or her admissions records in the registrar’s office. This information is maintained for a period of five years after graduation. Alumni records are kept permanently.

Cumulative Academic Transcripts

Transcripts of all academic work done at Mid-America are kept permanently. All permanent student records are maintained in the registrar’s office. Transcripts are also saved electronically and stored in a secured off-site location.

Release of Student Academic Records to Other Persons and Institutions

Student admission and academic records are available for inspection by the student and authorized College personnel, but these records are regarded as confidential and are not released to unauthorized persons. Student academic records are released to another person or institution only with the written consent of the student. No transcript of a student record is furnished until all financial obligations to the College have been satisfied. A fee of $15.00 is charged for each transcript. Additional information regarding the release of student records is published in the Student Handbook.