Old Testament (OT)

OT 9105 Studies in the Pentateuch (4 credit hours)

An exegetical and theological study of selected texts or a book of the Pentateuch with emphasis on the ancient Near Eastern setting, critical theory, and scholarly interpretation. Attention is given to the history of Pentateuchal criticism and to current developments in this field.

OT 9116 Archaeology and the Old Testament (4 credit hours)

An investigation of the role of archeology in the field of Old Testament studies. Current trends and attitudes in the discipline will be examined, and critical theories will be considered in light of the innumerable discoveries in the last two centuries. Key archaeological finds will be surveyed according to historical periods, and their particular contributions to the understanding of the Old Testament will be investigated

OT 9131 Daniel (4 credit hours)

A comprehensive study of the Book of Daniel, an enigmatic and controversial work of Old Testament prophecy. The extensive body of Danielic literature, key critical issues, historical background, and other significant matters related to the prophecy are examined. Particular attention is given to the interpretation and theology of the book. Translation of the Hebrew and Aramaic text is involved in the study.

OT 9146 Studies in the Prophetic Books (4 credit hours)

A study of the nature of prophetic literature and of the methods appropriate for its interpretation. Attention will be given to an evaluation of modern critical views, special interpretative problems, and key themes of individual prophetic books. A careful exegesis of sections of the prophetic literature will be made.

OT 9151 Studies in the Poetic Books (4 credit hours)

A study of the Psalms and Hebrew poetry and/or Wisdom Literature. Special attention will be given to the nature and forms of Hebrew poetry. The course will include exegetical and theological study of selected texts.

OT 9153 Psalms (4 credit hours)

This seminar is designed to analyze the rise of Hebrew poetry with an emphasis on the book of Psalms, and with a view towards the importance of the study of Hebrew poetry for the study of the prophets.

OT 9161 Old Testament Cultures (4 credit hours)

During this course of study, the major cultural groups of the Old Testament (those which interacted with Israel as recorded in the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings of the Hebrew Bible) are surveyed in light of biblical as well as extra-biblical information. The study of Israelite culture forms the background against which comparisons and contrasts are drawn. Non-Israelite cultures will be surveyed with regard to their history, religion, languages, and literatures (or extant inscriptions). Cultural groups are studied in relation to their respective geographical regions.

OT 9181 Old Testament Soteriology (4 credit hours)

An examination of selected key passages in the Law, the Writings, and the Prophets that reflect Old Testament instruction and/or illustration concerning its total message of salvation. The approach to the study is biblical and exegetical.

OT 9195 Old Testament Theological Themes (4 credit hours)

An investigation of some major areas of theological concern in the Old Testament, including soteriology, eschatology, Christology, theodicy, pneumatology, the community of faith, etc. Special attention is given to the literary devices associated with each of these themes.