Hebrew (HB)

HB 9221 A History of the Hebrew Language (4 credit hours)

A survey of the various periods of the Hebrew language including: pre-exilic Hebrew inscriptions, biblical Hebrew and later traditions (Palestinian, Babylonian, and Tiberian), and later developments in Hebrew (postexilic influence of Aramaic, Samaritan Hebrew, Rabbinic Hebrew, Medieval Hebrew, and a brief excursus on Modern Hebrew).

HB 9230 Advanced Hebrew Studies (4 credit hours)

An advanced Hebrew program for study of the biblical text and the extensive body of literature pertaining to the language. The seminar will consist primarily of readings from selected passages from the Hebrew Bible with attention to grammar, syntax, lexicography, textual criticism, the Masoretic tradition, and exegesis. Related topics, such as the history of the language and modern methods for teaching biblical Hebrew, will be examined.

HB 9281 An Introduction to Old Testament Languages and Literature (4 credit hours)

An introduction to the background languages of the Hebrew Bible, including Phoenician, Ugaritic, and Akkadian. Examples are given to demonstrate how knowledge of such languages helps in the translation of the Hebrew Bible and with Old Testament interpretation.