Education (ED)

ED 9931 Christian Higher Education (4 credit hours)

A study of the principles of educational administration in Bible colleges, Christian liberal arts colleges, and seminary education. Attention is given to the educational role of the institution as well as its administrative tasks.

ED 9932 Curriculum Theory and Design (4 credit hours)

An exploration of the major curriculum developments in Christian education including a review of historical trends, the design of curriculum frameworks and teaching-learning sessions, the supervision of curriculum in the local church and a critique of curriculum issues in higher education.

ED 9933 Personality and Development Theory (4 credit hours)

An evaluation of personality theories, educational psychology and developmental psychology and an analysis of their contributions to the practices of leadership, instruction, and spiritual formation.

ED 9934 Organizational Theory and Development (4 credit hours)

Explores psychological and developmental underpinnings of organizations. Presents classical and contemporary theories and principles of organizational development. Students gain skills in the analysis of organizational culture, communication processes, and staff training. _