Pastoral Ministry (PM)

PM 7200 Pastoral Ministry (3 credit hours)

A practical course to help the student prepare for ministry in the church. It addresses routine pastoral functions, the administration of the ordinances, conducting of marriages and funerals, leadership/organization within the local church and other related matters.

PM 7270 Leadership Development (3 credit hours)

A study of leadership development. Emphasis is given to leadership theory, theorists, and the practice of leadership development.

PM 7280 Introduction to Ethics (3 credit hours)

A study of the Christian responses to the ethical problems of society in light of the moral teachings of the Bible. The emphasis of the course is on what it means to live as a responsible disciple of Jesus in the world.

PM 7290 Pastoral Practicum 1 (3 credit hours)

The Pastoral Ministry Practicum 1 at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary seeks to provide interns with on-the-field training under a school authorized seasoned pastor. Interns will receive mentoring by a pastor that includes the following: participation in regular meetings led by the pastor (worship services, business meetings, funerals, weddings, deacons meetings, staff meetings), critiquing and developing expository sermons under the direction of the pastor, reviewing books, accompanying the mentoring pastor on evangelistic and hospital visits, accountability/devotional time with the pastor, and the construction of a philosophy of ministry paper under the guidance of the pastor.

PM 7291 Pastoral Practicum 2 (3 credit hours)

The Pastoral Ministry Practicum 2 seeks to provide students with on-the-field training under a school authorized seasoned biblical counselor over a two-month period. The protŽgŽ will receive instruction by a biblical counselor that includes the following: observe and participate in counseling sessions at Bellevue Baptist Church, benefit from debriefing sessions, develop a manual based on the counseling and debriefing sessions for future reference, and learn best practices in assigning homework and in developing discernment in what counseling resource material to recommend to counselees.

PM 7300 Spiritual Formation (3 credit hours)

A theological and practical course designed to aid the student to understand the spiritual character development required for effective spiritual ministry. The course emphasizes the development of spiritual vitality through Bible study, prayer, and devotional reading.

PM 7306 Contemporary Issues in the Church (3 credit hours)

An introduction to recent theological and ministry trends within the local church. The course will focus upon new theological issues as well as the interaction between theology and culture. Special emphasis will be given to theologyÕs relationship to popular culture within the context of a local church.

PM 7308 Pastoral Ministry Capstone (3 credit hours)

The purpose of the Pastoral Ministry Capstone course is to help the student to encapsulate in theory and practice the core elements of his field of study. The aim is to help the student to distill the curriculum into a coherent applicable pastoral ministry.