Apologetics (AP)

AP 6910 Introduction to Apologetics (3 credit hours)

The study of crucial issues in the defense of the Christian faith.

AP 6930 Logic and Christian Persuasion (3 credit hours)

An introduction to critical thinking skills, formal and informal logic, and the elements and function of an argument. Special attention is given to critical analysis and effective argumentation for theological/ethical debate and evangelistic presentation.

AP 6935 Creation and Scientific Apologetics (3 credit hours)

A critique of scientism and an in-depth look at using observational science as a defense of the biblical presentation of a literal six-day creation and a young earth.

AP 6940 Cultural Apologetics and Worldview Evangelism (3 credit hours)

An introduction to the basic concepts of cultural anthropology which have practical relevance to effectively communicate and defend the Gospel in a culturally heterogeneous world. The course also defines a worldview with a focus on the nature and function of a worldview. Major emphasis is given to the importance of understanding a worldview to effectively communicate the Gospel.

AP 6945 The Historical Reliability of the Gospels (3 credit hours)

A course examining the historical reliability of the texts of the canonical Gospels and the events recorded in them. Special emphasis is given to evidence against the various attacks on miracles, the virgin birth, the deity of Christ, and the resurrection of Christ.

AP 6950 The Problem of Evil (3 credit hours)

An in-depth examination of the philosophical issues related to the Christian concept of God and the problem of evil. Issues addressed include the nature of evil, the cause of evil, the intelligibility and coherence of the Christian concept of God considering evil, and a critique of the solutions offered by various world religions, contemporary philosophers, and different Christian apologists.

AP 6955 Theological Christian Apologetics (3 credit hours)

A survey of contemporary theological trends of the unorthodox elements in positions such as process, liberation/political, feminist/goddess, gay/lesbian, environmental, racial/ethnic, and postmodern theologies as well as trends of evangelical theistic mutualism with an emphasis on apologetics critiques of the unorthodox elements from a classical theistic perspective.

AP 6960 Contemporary Ethical Issues in Apologetics (3 credit hours)

A philosophical and theological evaluation of various ethical systems to understand and effectively engage with contemporary ethical views and mindsets. Special emphasis is given to a defense of biblical ethics in cultural issues like the sanctity of life, sexuality, gender roles, race, war, etc.

AP 6965 Apologetics Capstone (3 credit hours)

The purpose of the Apologetics Capstone course is to help the student to encapsulate in theory and practice the core elements of his field of study. The aim is to help the student distill the curriculum into a coherent application of Christian Apologetics.