Counseling (CN)

CN 7103 Introduction to Biblical Counseling (3 credit hours)

An introduction to pastoral and church-related methods of counseling. Consideration is given to the scriptural background for counseling, the counselor and counseling, the counselee and counseling, the counseling process, and some of the most common problems that people face.

CN 7125 Christian Conciliation Procedures (3 credit hours)

A course designed to teach church leaders to function as, and train others to serve as, Christian conciliators. Emphasis is placed on discerning the nature of various biblical processes for resolving conflict and understanding the legal ramifications and limitations of Christian conciliation. Course content includes negotiations, mediation, arbitration, church discipline skills, ethics of biblical conflict resolution, and methods of biblical change.

CN 7145 Medical Issues in Counseling (3 credit hours)

In this course, the emphasis is on examining the current methods of diagnosis (DSM_V), clarifying what does and does not constitute a disease, identifying the physical diseases that mimic what the world terms as mental health problems, and on surveying the common medical treatments in vogue today (pharmaceutical, electroshock, psychiatry, etc.). The overarching purpose of these examinations will be to develop a biblical approach regarding medical issues in counseling and in knowing how to cooperate with the medical profession in bringing help to those who are hurting.

CN 7172 Theology of Counseling (3 credit hours)

This seminar will deal with the importance of sound theology as it relates to the counseling process. The class will survey the entire scope of theology as it relates to counseling issues and process. The importance of solid exegesis and hermeneutics will also be discussed. Additionally, students will examine the process of training others to be biblical counselors.

CN 7173 Counseling Theories and Issues (3 credit hours)

The seminar will begin with an overview of the history and current state of the modern biblical counseling movement. Included will be a survey and critique of many Christian counseling teachers, philosophies, and organizations with a special focus on the dangers of integrating secular psychological concepts. Other topics will include legal issues in counseling, counseling in the local church, evaluating counseling resources, the value and process of certification in biblical counseling, and the critical stages in the progression of typical counseling cases.

CN 7174 Marriage and Family Counseling (3 credit hours)

This seminar consists of an examination of the biblical concept of marriage and the specific Scripture passages that relate. The student will be challenged to lead couples to biblical solutions to marriage conflict. Specific topics include communication, the purpose of marriage, gender roles, the sexual relationship, adultery, finances, raising children, and the dynamics of counseling couples. In addition, the course will include a study of the relevant Scripture passages dealing with the issue of divorce and remarriage with the goal of leading the student to a biblical view of the issues and an application of that view to counseling situations. The course concludes with an examination of specific counseling cases in a church setting.

CN 7176 Crisis Counseling (3 credit hours)

An exploration of common crises that counselees may encounter. Attention is given to critical counseling situations and appropriate interventional responses that are informed by biblical solutions.

CN 7190 Counseling Practicum 1 (3 credit hours)

This practicum will provide students with the opportunity to counsel under the supervision of faculty and/or other qualified counselors. Class discussion of selected counseling sessions will allow students to learn from each other as well as the instructor and become more confident and effective counselors.

CN 7191 Biblical Counseling Capstone (3 credit hours)

The purpose of the Biblical Counseling Capstone course is to help the student to encapsulate in theory and practice the core elements of his or her field of study. The aim is to help the student to distill the curriculum into a coherent, applicable theory of biblical counseling.

CN 7192 Counseling Practicum 2 (3 credit hours)

This practicum will provide students the opportunity to counsel under the supervision of faculty and/or other qualified counselors. Class discussion of selected counseling sessions will allow students to learn from each other as well as the instructor and become more confident and effective counselors.

CN 7193 Biblical Counseling and Psychological Theories (3 credit hours)

This course provides an overview and critical assessment of psychology and psychotherapy. The impact of psychology and psychotherapy on churches and Christians will be considered. Major theorists will be introduced, and their approaches will be analyzed and critiqued.

CN 7194 ACBC Membership Seminar (3 credit hours)

All students are encouraged to seek membership in and certification by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). This seminar will prepare the student for membership through completing the Counseling and Theology exams.

CN 7195 Addictions and Emotions (3 credit hours)

A study of the biblical understanding of human emotions and the Christian's response to addictions and other life dominating sins according to Scripture. A biblical strategy will be developed for dealing with the most common problematic emotions (anxiety, anger, depression, fear), while also developing a Bible based model for resolving issues of addiction.