Church Music (MU)

MU 7700 Introduction to Worship (3 credit hours)

A study of the development of worship theory and practice for church ministry today. Strategies for selecting worship materials, worship planning and the basics of leading music are also reviewed.

MU 7721 Music Ministry 1 (3 credit hours)

Music Ministry 1 distills the wisdom derived from real-world experience on how to build, organize and conduct a church worship ministry beginning with adult choirs, but extending to all ages. In addition, the course discusses the philosophy of intergenerational worship, the organization of rehearsals, touring, vocal techniques, production techniques, costuming, make-up, scripts, and sets.

MU 7722 Music Ministry 2 (3 credit hours)

The Music Ministry 2 course addresses the art of leading worship with a focus on leading childrenÕs choirs up through youth age. A key component of the course is to highlight how to develop the vocal production of a childÕs voice as it matures into youth and adult age. In addition, the student will learn to organize tours, musicals, and mission trips with their vast potential for revival and outreach.

MU 7723 Worship Leadership, Design/Tech (3 credit hours)

Two key elements comprise the core of this course, namely worship design and technology. Beginning with worship design, students learn to cultivate a music staff and a music organization. Included in this portion of the study are such formative topics as what to look for in a potential staff member, how to hire and fire, how to be a leader and a team member, working with the finance committee, and the pastor. It will cover uses of new and emerging technology in worship, sound systems, acoustics and choir loft and stage design, attendance technology.

MU 7733 Vocal Ensemble Leadership (3 credit hours)

This course teaches vocal pedagogy (voice training) and its practical use in ensemble singing, spanning small praise teams to large choirs. At least oneÐthird of this course will consist of two one-half hour worship band labs, where the student will learn the basics of playing two of the following instruments: guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drum set.

MU 7734 Conducting (3 credit hours)

A study of the fundamentals of conducting technique, including basic time patterns, expressive gestures, and advanced methods. An emphasis is placed on conducting, organizing, and managing instrumental ensembles in the church, including orchestras and worship bands.

MU 7735 Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (3 credit hours)

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs is a practical study of how to create and lead worship services throughout the seasons of the church year. A consideration of how to utilize multi-age choirs and praise teams, in intergenerational worship, is included. In addition, the class features instructions on how and where to buy music and how to build a yearly church budget, including budgets for seasonal productions or community outreach programs (i.e. Easter, Christmas, 4th of July in the Park, etc.).