Master of Arts/Theology

Description of the Master of Arts/Theology Degree

The Master of Arts/theology degree is designed to equip students for service in a supportive role in the local church. Courses include Old and New Testament biblical theology, systematic theology, and apologetics, providing students with a solid theological foundation for ministry. This program requires 60 semester hours of academic credit for graduation.

Completion Requirements for the Master of Arts/Theology Degree

General Requirements

In order to qualify for graduation from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, each student seeking the Master of Arts/theology degree must satisfy the General Requirements for Graduation as set forth in this catalog.

Course Requirements

Each student pursuing the Master of Arts/theology degree must complete the 60 semester hours of courses specified in the following chart, including 57 semester hours of required courses and three elective hours. Note: Logos Bible Research Software (Silver edition or above) is recommended for courses in the New Testament Department.

Required Courses for the Master of Arts/Theology Degree

Plan of Study Grid
First YearHours
OT 5101
OT 5102
Old Testament Survey 1
and Old Testament Survey 2
CH 6001 The History of Christianity 3
EV 6200 Personal Evangelism 3
PM 7300 Spiritual Formation 3
BH 5100 Hermeneutics 3
CM 7484 Introduction to Christian Ministries 3
AP 6910 Introduction to Apologetics 3
TH 6601 Theology of the Old Testament 3
EN 7900 Introduction to Research and Writing 3
Second Year
NT 5601
NT 5602
New Testament Survey 1
and New Testament Survey 2
TH 6701
TH 6702
Systematic Theology 1
and Systematic Theology 2
Select one of the following: 6
Principles of Teaching 1
and Principles of Teaching 2
Biblical Preaching 1
and Biblical Preaching 2
CN 7103 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 3
CH 6150 The History of the Baptists 3
Theology Elective 3
TH 6602 Biblical New Testament Theology 3
 Total Hours60