Master of Arts/Apologetics

Description of the Master of Arts/Apologetics

The Master of Arts/apologetics degree is designed for those who want to place a special emphasis on defending the Christian faith and persuading others to embrace it. It is an ideal degree for those pursuing youth ministry, collegiate ministry, women’s ministry, or parachurch evangelist ministries. Upon completion of the degree the student will be well equipped to evaluate and critique philosophical and theological issues facing churches and society, to present a logical and biblical defense of Scripture and the Christian faith, and provide leadership in a variety of ministry contexts. This degree requires 60 semester hours of academic credit for graduation.

Completion Requirements for the Master of Arts/Apologetics Degree

General Requirements

In order to qualify for graduation from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, each student seeking the Master of Arts/apologetics degree must satisfy the General Requirements for Graduation as set forth in this catalog.

Course Requirements

Each student pursuing the Master of Arts/apologetics degree must complete the 60 semester hours of courses specified in the following chart, including 57 semester hours of required courses and three elective hours. Note: Logos Bible Research Software (Silver edition or above) is recommended for courses in the New Testament Department.

Required Courses for the Master of Arts/Apologetics

Plan of Study Grid
First YearHours
EV 6200 Personal Evangelism 3
CM 7450
Principles of Teaching 1
or Biblical Preaching 1
PM 7300 Spiritual Formation 3
EN 7900 Introduction to Research and Writing 3
AP 6960 Contemporary Ethical Issues in Apologetics 3
AP 6940 Cultural Apologetics and Worldview Evangelism 3
MS 6405 Traditional World Religions and Cults 3
OT 5101
OT 5102
Old Testament Survey 1
and Old Testament Survey 2
AP 6910 Introduction to Apologetics 3
Second Year
CH 6150 The History of the Baptists 3
AP Elective 3
AP 6930 Logic and Christian Persuasion 3
AP 6950 The Problem of Evil 3
TH 6701
TH 6702
Systematic Theology 1
and Systematic Theology 2
NT 5601
NT 5602
New Testament Survey 1
and New Testament Survey 2
AP 6935 Creation and Scientific Apologetics 3
AP 6945 The Historical Reliability of the Gospels 3
 Total Hours60