Application Requirements

The College Committee considers for approval applicants whose files are complete. These items are described in detail in the following paragraphs:

  1. College Application Form
  2. Application Fee ($35.00)
  3. Autobiographical Statement
  4. Photograph
  5. Immunization Form for Residential Students
  6. Educational Transcripts
  7. Criminal Background Check
  8. Bank Reference (International Residential Students Only)

College Application Form with God-Controlled Life Statement

Application is made online at Along with the Official Application form, applicants answer questions acknowledging a commitment to God-controlled living over the previous 12 months. The information requested must be provided completely and accurately. 

Application Fee

A $35.00 application fee must accompany the application. This processing fee is non-refundable, and it does not apply to tuition or other student fees.

Autobiographical Statement

Applicants must complete and submit an autobiographical statement on the official form provided. This statement includes a personal conversion to Jesus Christ.

Statement on reasons for seeking to study at Mid-America, water baptism, and calling to Christian ministry are required for the Associate of Divinity degree.


A passport-style, studio-quality photograph of the applicant must be submitted.

Immunization Record Form

On Campus Students: Immunization records for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and chicken pox (vaccine or case documentation) are required for the state of Tennessee. Students under the age of 22 who plan to live in MASH must also show proof of meningitis immunization.

Educational Transcripts

Each program has a required prerequisite minimum education, which is described fully in the section concerning each degree. In general, an applicant must submit an official high school transcript or GED. The applicant is responsible for requesting that official transcripts be sent to the admissions office and for all expenses involved. Only official transcripts will be accepted. The registrar’s office of Mid-America reserves the right to judge which transcripts are official and meet institutional requirements.

International students who apply must note the requirements concerning evaluation of their transcripts described in the section Admission Procedure for International Students.

Criminal Background Check

Applicants must complete and sign a criminal background check authorization form. This form authorizes the College to utilize a third party to search for criminal records.

Bank Reference (International Residential Students Only)

A bank statement is required from international students indicating financial responsibility in accordance with current immigration law. (See section on Admission Procedure for International Students.)

Time Limitation for Admission

Once applicants have been notified of approval for admission, they have one year from the date of notification in which to register for classes. After one year the application expires, and the applicant must begin the process again.

Personal References

The College reserves the right to request letters of reference in support of an application for admission. Personal references must be individuals who have known the applicant for at least a year; previous teachers are acceptable for this purpose.

When Admission Is Declined

Materials relative to application are considered confidential, and the College has no obligation to disclose information regarding an applicant’s being declined admission into the program to which application is made.