Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies degree is a postsecondary professional degree designed to equip students for effective Christian ministry in local churches, missions, or denominational service. This program requires a high school diploma or equivalency certificate, an ACT or SAT score, and the completion of 120 semester hours of academic credit for graduation.

Completion Requirements

To qualify for graduation from The College at Mid-America, each student seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies degree must satisfy the general requirements for graduation as set forth in this catalog.

General Education Requirements

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies are required to complete a minimum of 33 semester hours of general education courses that includes courses in each of the following three areas: the humanities or fine arts, the social or behavioral sciences, and the natural sciences or mathematics. General education courses may be transferred from another postsecondary institution or they may be completed within the required course structure of the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies degree.

General Education Goals

The goals of the general education core are to help the student acquire broad-based knowledge in the areas of:

Humanities or Fine Arts
EN 4900Introduction to Research and Writing3
EN 4914Introduction to Literature (Pure Humanities)3
WH 4961World History 13
WH 4962World History 23
MU 4701Music Appreciation3
Social or Behavioral Sciences
CM 4484Introduction to Christian Ministries3
PH 3901Introduction to Philosophy3
PM 4270Leadership Development3
Natural Sciences or Mathematics
SC 4981Introduction to Biology3
CS 4950Introduction to Computing3
MA 4971Applied Mathematics3
Total Hours33
  1. Humanities or Fine Arts: To evaluate and critique the influence of artistic techniques and expression on culture and society.
  2. Social or Behavioral Sciences: To identify and analyze data, perspectives, trends, concepts, or issues pertaining to human social function and experience.
  3. Natural Sciences or Mathematics: To examine issues related to the natural sciences from an evidence-based perspective and use in applied contexts.

Required Courses for the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies (BACS) Degree

Course Requirements

Each student pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies degree must complete the 120 semester hours of courses specified in the following table.

Minor Courses

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies degree must complete their major and minor courses within the Christian studies course offerings.

Required Courses for the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies (BACS) Degree

Plan of Study Grid
First YearHours
OT 2101
OT 2102
Old Testament Survey 1
and Old Testament Survey 2
PH 3901 Introduction to Philosophy 3
MU 4701 Music Appreciation 3
EN 4900 Introduction to Research and Writing 3
EN 4914 Introduction to Literature 3
CS 4950 Introduction to Computing 3
WH 4961
WH 4962
World History 1
and World History 2
MA 4971 Applied Mathematics 3
Second Year
NT 2601
NT 2602
New Testament Survey 1
and New Testament Survey 2
Language 1 * 3
Language 2 * 3
CH 3001 The History of Christianity 3
EV 3200 Personal Evangelism 3
TH 3701 Basic Biblical Doctrines 3
PM 4270 Leadership Development 3
CM 4484 Introduction to Christian Ministries 3
SC 4981 Introduction to Biology 3
Third Year
PH 3911 Introduction to Ethics 3
MS 3370 Introduction to Missions 3
MS 3405 Traditional Religions, World Religions, and Cults 3
PM 4300 Spiritual Formation 3
PM 4302 Contemporary Worldview 3
PM 4304 Religion in the Public Square 3
PM 4306 Contemporary Issues in the Church 3
Old or New Testament Elective 3
Free Electives (2) 6
Fourth Year
BH 2100 Basic Biblical Interpretation 3
HM 4001
Biblical Preaching 1
or Principles of Teaching 1
HM 4005
Biblical Preaching 2
or Principles of Teaching 2
CN 4101 History of the Biblical Counseling Movement 3
CN 4114 Marriage and the Family 3
PM 4200
Pastoral Ministry
or Church Ministry
Old Testament Elective 3
New Testament Elective 3
Free Electives (2) 6
 Total Hours120

Greek 1 & 2 (GR 2801 Greek 1-GR 2802 Greek 2), Hebrew 1 & 2 (HB 2401 Hebrew 1-HB 2402 Hebrew 2), Latin 1 & 2 (LA 4923 Latin 1-LA 4924 Latin 2), or Spanish 1 & 2 (SP 4921 Spanish 1-SP 4922 Spanish 2)